Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saturday morning in Brussels

It's Saturday morning. As you know, coffee is one of the first things on my mind. I arrive at Café de Markten for a coffee and my mind starts reminiscing about Saturday mornings in NY. I crush the thought then and there, I'm not ready to remember, to think back. I get distracted with something else, steer my mind away from thoughts of New York. But then Frank Sinatra plays on the radio ... New York, New York ... C'mon!! is this a joke?! I get my iPhone and start writing this post ... and by now it's Jacques Brel playing on the radio. Much more appropriate.


Blogger Andorinha said...

Eu sei que tomaste a decisão que querias, mas eu confesso-me: eu detesto Bruxelas (por falar nisso, vou estar mesmo aí de 8 à noite a 11 à tarde - Maio) e ai ai ai, não gosto dos Belgas em geral, mas não detesto nenhum em particular!
Eh pah, eu lá deixava NY pra voltar pra Bruxelas...! Eu pedia que no mínimo me pusessem no escritório de Amesterdão! Agora voltar pra BXL...
Tou com o Frank Sinatra.

15 April, 2012 00:44  
Anonymous Claudette said...


Podes continuar a escrever, significa que a Sinapse voltou.

20 April, 2012 14:22  
Blogger Ss said...

:) Nice to hear from you.
Keep on writing.
and yes..i guess the best way is really to try not to remenber to often.
(from a alwaysmissingnyc kind of girl)

26 April, 2012 10:46  

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